Synthetic & Athletic Track

Synthetic Track SW is a high performance, IAAF certified, athletic track system. It is a water impermeable surface which is highly spike resistant. Our Track SW is excellent choice for training as well as competion purpose. Due to its structured top layer it can also easily be used when it is wet or raining.



Properties / Product Advantages

  • IAAF certified Product
  • Fast installation
  • Minimum injury risk
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Seamless PUR/EPDM top layer
  • Optimised force reduction
  • Long lasting performance and durability
  • Highly slip resistant
  • Optimal protection for the athletes
  • Pre-fabricated underlay: SBR rubber roll base mat

Technical Data

  • Sandwich system — wear coat & pre-fab SBR base mat
  • Force reduction 41%
  • Thickness 13,1mm
  • Vertical deformation 2, 01 mm
  • Friction 0, 71
  • Tensile strength 0, 53 MPa
  • Elongation at break 53 %
  • Non-porous

Sub Base Preparation

  • Digging / Excavation of site upto 6 inch for length and Width and removing the sand
  • Carry out Anti termite and Weedicide on total area
  • Compaction of Sub Base by heavy rollers by keeping a slope of 1: 90 towards drain
  • Laying of 4 inch thick Water Bound Macadam [WBM] and compacting it with heavy roller maintaining the slope
  • Laying of 30 mm thick hot mix BM course [In 20 mm and 30 mm gravel mix] by maintaining the slope. Compacting with heavy roller
  • Laying of 20 mm thick compacted hot mix AC course [With 10 mm gravel] maintaining the slope. Compacting with heavy roller
  • Spreading seal coat at top of AC course in suit-able thickness to fill voids and compacting it with heavy roller maintaining the slope.

Laying Sandwich Synthetic Athletics Track Surface

Providing and laying Sandwich Synthetic Athletics Track Surface including markings on the surface. The elastic layer or bottom layer consists of pre-fabricated European rubber rolls made from PUR-bonded rubber granules. Surface type D according to EN 14877:2013-12.This rubber roll is Glued/laid above the Asphalt Sub base. The wear layer (Top Layer) is composed of mixed-size, spike-resistant EPDM granules embedded into imported European liquid polyurethane laid uniformly above the rubber rolls considering the drain and slope.