Basketball Stand

Portable Basketball Stand

• Made as per FIBA Standards Basket Ball Post with double die made of heavy gauge Steel powder coated structural frame and proper reinforcement.
• Made from heavy gauge 5 inch x 5 inch Steel, main frame with 5 inch x 2.5 inch Structural pipes and 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch ascend / other pipes All pipes are 2.5 mm thick heavy gauge.
• The structural base size to be not less than 1.8 mtr L x 1 mtr width.
• From Board to the Centre of Post Projection Should be : 3.25 Meter.
• Base Plate: Material: 12mm and 20mm steel channel.
• Foldable model with Hydraulic assisted back stop that makes folding and unfolding easier.
• Piston type Hand pumped hydraulic method for easy Folding and unfolding of the entire System.
• minimum 400 kg counter balanced weight stacks of Cast Iron powder coated blocks each 25 kg.

Counter Weights

• Built in no harm heavy duty floor wheels for easy transportation.
• Bottom base surrounds with heavy duty fabric & padded with foam of minimum 2 inch thickness.
• Tempered Acrylic 25 mm thick back board encased in a frame.
• 3 spring mechanism dunkingring and Knot less net.
• Acrylic back board 25 mm thick & 1.80 m x 1.05 m .