Maple Wood

Supply Installation and finishing of Health park air cush wooden sports flooring’, free floating resilient sports flooring system, consisting of runners fixed with air cush” cushioning pads on the bottom side placed on the sub floor towelled and finished smooth . A seasoned European maple having finished thickness of 21 mm and machined to tongue and groove shape are then fixed in staggered pattern on the runners.




The timber used for floorboards will be European HARD MAPLE. The floor boards will be approximately 6 cm to 7 cm width and in random length 21mm thick but only one width of material will be used for any single line. The ends will be grooved and joined with a torque. Timber/Sleeper used for the runners will be commercial quality Fir/Spurce/ Pinewood 50mm H x 70mm W. All timber will be free from loose tongued, bee or borer holes, splits, cracks, and fungus. EPDM shock absorbing rubber pads 18mm thick will be fixed intermittently beneath the runners.Total height or thickness will be 84mm.

Advantages of Maple wood flooring

Being a glamorous variety of hardwood flooring, the use of maple flooring by home owners is becoming extremely widespread. Most people are attracted by the look and magnificence of this type of flooring, but it is essential to see whether this type of flooring will suit your home. Factors such as climate, maintenance and the area in which this flooring is used should be taken into account when installing maple flooring. When you analyze these factors, you can easily conclude whether it is suitable for your house or not. A few benefits regarding the use of maple flooring are illustrated below. The Pros of using Maple Flooring As mentioned earlier, the beauty of this type of flooring is that it instantly attracts people. This is one of the most essential advantages of using maple flooring. Its elegance, richness and style make it the best choice for people. Moreover, it can also be stained to give it a darker shade of color for a richer look. This renders it versatile. A crucial advantage of using maple flooring is that once it is installed, its maintenance entails very little effort. You can simply sweep off the dust accumulated on it on a daily basis. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do this. Once this is done, you can clean the floor with a solution of mild soap and water. This will give a new and fresh look to your floor, even after it has been installed for a l ong time. You should buff it once every two years so that its shine can be maintained. If you are susceptible to developing allergies from dust which usually accumulates on carpets, installing maple flooring is an excellent choice, since it does not come with any such problems.


  1. The customer to provide with a smoothly finished PCC or RCC Sub base with required thickness and without any undulation at zero level
  2. Anti termite and pest control treatment of the flooring and surrounding wall to be done while completing the civil work.
  3. If the customer wants only selected area form the entire area to be installed with wooden surface, that area to be finished at level of 84 to 85 mm (Cavity) depth from the other area.
  4. Pest control process of all sides and related walls to be done at least once in four months to get the warranty for Maple flooring by the customer.

The Installation: A vapour barrier will be placed on the levelled IPS sub-floor before laying the under frame. The runners having air cell cushioning pads will be placed on the vapour barrier in perfect level at 350 mm c/c in one direction. The surface boards will be screwed to the runners through the tongue only and will lock the screwed tongue by the groove of the adjoining boards. The ends of the boards will be locked by inserting the wooden fingers through the edge grooves and fixed with suitable adhesive. An expansion gap of 8 to 10 mm will be left open between the wooden flooring and the surrounding tiled area/wall

The Finishing: After Installation the floor will be machine sanded in uniform level and finished with imported non-skid DIN certified Polyurethane lacquer. Game line marking will be carried out in required colours before applying the finish coat.

TIMBER: The varying colour of the wood due to its natural characteristics will not be considered as a defect.